Which kind of wooden bed is good?
Which kind of wooden bed is good?

Wooden beds are a little more expensive, but they’re worth it. They have a timeless quality and bring warmth to a bedroom, with the wood’s natural appearance giving the room tremendous character.

One of the truly marvelous things about a wooden bed is that if you feel your bed or bedroom looks tired, you can freshen it up by painting it.

Best of all, wooden beds don’t need the unreasonable amounts of aftercare you might expect when you pay for good quality. Follow a simple cleaning schedule, and your wooden bed will be rewarded with years of faithful service.

If all these things sound good, this guide to wooden beds is for you. 

Different kinds of wood used for bed frames

Picking the right wooden bed frame is a design question because you want strong wood for your bed frame. That’s because the finish enhances your bedroom’s overall look and feel. Below are some of the woods manufacturers use a lot to make bed frames:

Solid Rubber Wood

At Furniture Roots we have seen that the most popular kind of wooden beds these days are made of solid rubber wood. Customers prefer wooden bed frames made of solid rubber wood and beds like the Maddington drawer and wooden bed are gaining more and more popularity by the day. 

Another thing that customers love is to get beds with some storage space as well in their wooden bed. The Belmont storage bed was designed keeping this in mind so things that people need are within an arm’s reach.


Another trendy material for wooden bed frames is acacia. These beds are durable and stylish and there are many options when it comes to wooden beds made of Acacia such as the Herrison wooden bed frame with drawers.
Also, there are more budget-friendly options for wooden beds using this material, such as the Lisa bed frame or the Kyslyn if you are just looking for a wooden bed and nothing more.  

Different styles of wooden beds

On our wooden bed page, you’ll find various styles of beds. We offer beds in pine and oak, hardwood, and softwood. You’ll find:

  • Standard wooden beds. These are elegant and have a traditional feel and various foot ends (high, low, or no footboard). The headboards are either slatted or panelled.
  • Wooden beds that have storage. They’re perfect in small bedrooms where you want to make the most of every inch of space. You can keep bedding, clothing, or other items under the bed and free up space in the bedroom.
  • Wooden bunk beds and day beds. These are another handy option if you need two sleeping children or have guests but don’t have the space to accommodate two beds permanently.
  • Wooden cabin beds. These are useful if you’re short on space. They can save a little money by incorporating other furniture bits into the overall unit, such as a desk or a cupboard.

What to look for when buying a wooden bed base

Unfortunately, life isn’t as simple as just picking the first wooden bedstead you see. There are many things to consider before you go ahead and buy that lovely new bed! Below are some aspects to keep in mind when you buy that brand-new wooden bed frame:


Is it the right time to buy a new bed? This isn’t just in terms of your budget and how much money you must spend, but also the bed itself. If the bed shows signs of aging or starts to crack or creak, it’s time to consider replacing it. It would be best to replace your mattress every 7 or 8 years.


A lovely wooden, king-sized bed may look the part in your head, but what about in practice? If you push all your furniture against the walls, how much space will it leave for the bed? More importantly, how much will there be between the furniture and the edge of the bed? You don’t want to have to squeeze past everything.


The bed height is another important consideration. You don’t want your bed to be low or too high. If you’re going to end up jumping out of bed, you could end up damaging your knees in the long run. The bed may also be too difficult to climb onto. You should be able to sit on the bed, with your feet firmly on the floor, and push yourself off the bed to stand up. Your knees should be level with your hips. If they’re higher or lower, the bed is the wrong height for you.

Style and finish

Think about the design of your bedroom and how you want the bed to look within it. What colour are your walls? Does your bedroom have a particular theme? From what materials are the furniture items already in your room made? It’s a good idea for your bed to be made from the same wood as your furniture to coordinate things effectively.

Consider, too, the look of the bed versus the practical use. Oak is a great choice. As time goes on, it seems better and better. It’s rustic-looking and can last for a very long time. It also works well in modern and classic settings.

Pine is packed with character, versatile, and costs less than oak. Pine also contributes well to repainting; painting the frame can freshen up your bedroom quickly. 


You must budget when buying a bed because it has to work with the other furniture in your bedroom and the room’s design. If you believe in a more expensive bed, tailor the rest of the room to it (or vice versa). A mahogany bed, for instance, might not look very good against a room full of oak furniture. Don’t rule out if you like a bed, but the price falls outside your budget.

Keep your bed out of direct sunlight.

You don’t want the sun to fade your lovely new bed! Don’t place your bed in direct sunlight. If you can’t avoid it, fit some blinds in your room or close the curtains to keep the sun off the frame. Avoid applying any harsh heat to the structure as well. This means keeping it away from radiators so the heat doesn’t weaken the veneer.

Apply Beeswax every six months.

Polishing your bed frame with Beeswax, a valuable by-product of beekeeping and honey, will protect the finish. Beeswax feeds and nourishes wood. The substance works its way into the untreated wood grain and provides a waterproof coating, giving the wood a durable barrier and a natural shine. Even if you or the bed manufacturer have already treated or vanished the frame, the Beeswax will add that protective layer to keep the wood looking healthy.

If the wood splits or breaks, you should hire a professional to fix it. This is for safety reasons.

Final thoughts on buying a wooden bed

Ultimately, wood is timeless. More often than not, it will look good in your bedroom. Depending on the type of wood you choose, you’ll enjoy flexibility in coordinating your bed with the rest of the room. For instance, wood, such as pine, is highly versatile, and if you want to breathe new life into a tired bedroom, you can pick up a paintbrush, paint your bed a different colour or refresh the current colour.

Besides their versatility and sense of timelessness, wooden bed frames offer quality, which is why they’re more expensive. Their quality may be good, but this doesn’t mean they take significant amounts of looking after. Some simple regular cleaning, plus slightly less frequent but regular extra maintenance, will keep your bed in shape for years. Take good care of your bed, and it will serve you well.

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