How To Choose The Right Height Bar Stools?
How To Choose The Right Height Bar Stools?

Bar stools are a great way to add style and function to your home, especially in kitchens and dining areas.

But before you get swept away by all the cool designs, there's one important factor to consider: height. The wrong height can lead to backaches, cramped legs, and uncomfortable meals.

This guide by Furniture Roots will help you choose the perfect height bar stools for your space, ensuring comfort for you, your family, and your guests.

Why Bar Stool Height Matters?

Imagine hunching over a counter that's too high for your bar stools, or struggling to squeeze your legs under a low-hanging surface. Not exactly ideal, right?  The right height allows for comfortable legroom and proper posture while sitting.

Key Measurements to Consider

There are three main things to think about when choosing bar stool height:

  1. Your Bench Height: This is the distance from the floor to the underside of your counter or bar. It's the starting point for all other measurements.
  2. Leg/Thigh Clearance: You need enough space between the seat of the stool and the underside of the bench for your legs to fit comfortably. Aim for 20-30 centimetres (8-12 inches) of clearance.
  3. Bar Stool Seat Height: This is the height of the seat itself from the floor. Most stools come in fixed heights, but some are adjustable.

Choosing the Right Stool Height | Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you know the key measurements, let's get down to calculations.

1. Measure Your Bench Height

Grab a measuring tape and find the distance between the floor and the underside of your bench. Make sure the tape is straight to avoid getting inaccurate measurements.

2. Calculate Your Ideal Seat Height Range

You want your legs to have some wiggle room under the counter. So, subtract 10 to 12 inches from the counter height you measured in step 1. This will give you the ideal seat height for your bar stool. This gap ensures comfortable legroom when you're seated.

For instance, if your counter is 48 inches (121 cm) tall, subtract 12 inches (30cm). You'd want a stool with a seat height around 36 inches.

Helpful Tip: Standard counter height is usually around 36 inches. So, for a standard counter, you'd want a stool with a seat height of 24-26 inches.

The Magic Formula to Calculate Bar Stool Height:

Subtract 30cm (12 inches) from your bench height to get your minimum seat height (for maximum legroom). Then, subtract 20cm (8 inches) to get your maximum seat height (for a slightly closer feel).


  • Bench Height: 90cm (35 inches)
  • Minimum Seat Height: 90cm - 30cm = 60cm (24 inches)
  • Maximum Seat Height: 90cm - 20cm = 70cm (28 inches)

This gives you a range of 60cm to 70cm (24 inches to 28 inches) to look for in bar stools.

Remember: If you prefer a very close feel to the counter, choose a seat height closer to your maximum measurement. You can adjust your bar stool height based on your personal preference.

3. Consider Cushion Thickness

Some stools have thick cushions, while others have thin cushions. If your stool has a super thick cushion, you need to subtract an extra inch or 2 from your ideal seat height to account for that.

If you're shopping online, check the stool's specifications to see if the listed height includes the cushion or not.

4. Adjustable vs. Fixed Height Bar Stools

Some stools have adjustable seats, which can be a good option if you want flexibility for different users. However, make sure the adjustable range falls within your ideal seat height range calculated earlier.

Common Bar Stool Heights

Bar Stool Type

Ideal Counter Height

Seat Height

Kitchen Bar Stools

36 inches

24-26 inches

Bar/Pub Stools

42 inches

30 inches

Spectator Bar Stools

46-48 inches

34 inches

Extra Tall Bar Stools

50 inches

36-38 inches


5. How Many Stools Do You Need?

Once you've figured out the height, consider how many stools you need. Aim for about 15cm (6 inches) of space between each stool for comfortable seating.

Here's a quick way to calculate the number of stools:

  • Measure the length of your bench.
  • Add 15cm (6 inches) to the width of your chosen bar stool.
  • Divide the length of your bench by the space per person (stool width + 15cm).

This will give you the approximate number of stools you'll need.

6. Test It Out Before Buying

If you can, try sitting on a stool before you buy it. This is the best way to make sure it feels comfortable for you. Ideally, your knees should be slightly bent at a 90-degree angle when you're sitting.

Let's Explore Some Great Bar Stool Options

Now that you're equipped with the knowledge to choose the perfect height bar stool, let's take a look at some of our amazing options:

Best Adjustable Height Bar Stool | 4 Excellent Options

  • Black PU Leather Bar Stools with Gas Lift: These stools offer a modern look with a chrome base and gas lift lever for easy height adjustment (range: 88cm-108cm). This allows you to find the perfect seating position, maximizing comfort and legroom. The PU leather seat provides comfort and style, making it a great all-around choice.
  • Black Adjustable Gas Lift Bar Stools: If you're looking for a more classic design, these stools feature a sturdy steel base with a black finish and a PU leather seat that adjusts from 56cm to 77cm in height. The 360° swivel seat allows for easy conversation and provides added convenience.
  • Adjustable Swivel Bar Stool - Grey Velvet: This velvet bar stool speaks of luxury. The button-tufted upholstery and stud trims create a stylish look, while the adjustable height (63cm to 84cm) and swivel function provide ultimate comfort and convenience.
  • Black Kitchen Counter Stools with Swivel Gas Lift: These vintage-inspired stools feature a unique back design and comfortable PU leather upholstery. The gas lift allows for height adjustment from 57cm to 78.5cm, while the swivel seat offers flexibility.

Best Fixed Height Bar Stool | 3 Great Options

  • VASAGLE Bar Stools: These wooden bar stools come in a rustic brown or black colour with a round wooden seat and a matte black steel frame. These are best suited for a vintage look. With a fixed height of 65cm, they're perfect for counters on the lower side. VASAGLE's outdoor bar stools are also ideal for your patio setup.
  • The Jackson (Bar Stool): Built for durability and comfort, these stools come in a natural or dirty oak finish with black PU padded seats. Sold in pairs, they're a great choice for furnishing your bar or kitchen island.
  • Wooden Stool (Solid Wood Material): This classic black stool has a comfortable PU leather seat and a fixed height of 74cm. The beautiful bentwood structure brings a trendy vibe, while the rubber protector safeguards your floors.

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